Fijian Language Class - Hamilton, New Zealand

Live in the Waikato? Have children that want to learnFijian? Have a partner that has been dying to learn your language? Do you want learn Fijian?

This is your opportunity. We have classes starting on August 29, 2017.

Regularity of classes will depend on initial interest.

This introductory 2 hour session will be free but we welcome gold coin donations to support the venue.

The venue is the Settlement Centre on Boundary Road, Hamilton and starts at 6 pm for 2 hours.

Please register for free (Click on the button) if you want to attend or if you're interested in attending future classes.

Live outside of Hamilton? No problem.
Go to this Youtube link and Set Reminder and just follow this link on the set time and join the class.

Vodre - Fijian for grasshopper

The grasshopper is called 'vodre' in Fijian. The Fijian surname 'Samusamuvodre' is probably from an ancestor who was named such for repeatedly trying to hit a grasshopper.

Samuta (verb) - hit with a weapon or object

Samusamu (verb) - repeatedly hit

iSamu (noun) - a heavy wooden weapon or instrument used to hit something else. Example 'iSamu ni sulu' is a heavy wooden stick used to beat clothes to clean them.

Fijian Culture lessons in Sydney

If you live in Sydney then here's your chance to learn or refresh on Fijian culture.

Details below.

Learn more about our Fiji Islands

This video will show you more about Fiji, its different cultures and the challenges our Islands face.

Positional relationships in the Fijian Language

These are some commonly used words to describe position in relation to something/someone else.

cake                                up
ra                                    down
delana                             on top
rukuna                             below
dakuna                            behind
matana                            in front
yasana                             beside
lomana                            inside
mawi                               left
matau                              right