Thursday, September 14, 2017

Telling the time in Fijian

 Sa vica na kaloko? - What is the time?

Notice 'kaloko' is the translation for time when referring to the exact time. Gauna is another word for time but is more general.

To tell the time to the exact hour: 

Sa tini na kaloko  -  Its 10 o'clock
Sa tinikadua na kaloko - It's 11 o'clock.

To tell the time to 30 minutes after the hour: 

Sa veimama na tini - It's half past 10
Sa veimama na tolu - It's half past 3

To tell the time to minutes before the hour 

Sa vo e tini na miniti me tolu - It's 10 minutes to three
Sa vo e tinikalima na miniti me va - Its 15 minutes to 4

To tell the time to minutes after the hour

Sa oti na ono ena tinikatolu na miniti - It's 13 minutes past 6
Sa oti na rua ena ruasagavulukava na miniti - It's 24 minutes past 2

Exercises  - Sa vica na kaloko ena kaloko era tu era qo.

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